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Noor Sepid Hedayat Institute

The Noor Sepid Hedayat, Social Harm Reduction Institute, is a non-governmental and non-political organization that was established in 2009 by some experts and individuals interested in social work fields, under the supervision of the State Welfare Organization of Iran with registration NO. 25222. This institute works in Tehran province and its subject of activity is prevention of addiction and implementation of specialized projects to reduce social harms.

Mission Statement

The Noor Sepid Hedayat considers reducing social harms, especially in the field of women, through education, prevention and empowerment as its mission and by supporting socially harmed women, mothers and children, tries to be a safe haven for this vulnerable group in the society. By identifying socially harmed individuals and providing harm reduction services to the target group, The Institute will take them away from the cycle of harm and guide them to the right path to return to society. By presenting specialized projects and attracting financial and moral support of individuals and organizations, through the implementation of practical projects. We believe in the power of human beings to change themselves and we unequivocally support socially harmed women and mothers, and vulnerable children.

Our Vision

The Noor Sepid Hedayat in the 10-year horizon is a leading and referable organization in the field of reducing social harms caused by addiction, focusing on the target group. With an influential role in decision-making and executive institutions; It’s trusted and consulted by related institutions and organizations; and has international interactions. It’s efficient, coherent, dynamic, well-known and independent; Streaming and influential in social fields. It has superior and effective ideas in improving the quality of life of socially harmed women, mothers and children; It’s loyal to participatory methods and diligent in the comprehensive realization of individual and social rights of women in society.




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Sepideh Alizadeh (Founder)

Sepideh Alizadeh, born in 1982, is a psychologist and social activist in the field of women and children. After receiving a bachelor's degree in clinical psychology, she passed her two-year training course as a psychologist at the Military Psychiatric Hospital and the Military Nursing Department. After that, she gained a lot of practical experience in the field of reducing social harms, by providing consulting services in the Triangular Clinics of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Family Health Association of Iran and Siamaye Sabz Rahaye Institute.

After receiving her Master's Degree in psychology, she continued her activities as the Executive Director of Global Fund and a psychologist in the social field for five years. These activities took place through the United Nations Development Program in Iran, where she implanted the project of the World Wide Fund to fight Tuberculosis, AIDS and Malaria in the General Directorate of Health of Prisons Organization. In 2009, Alizadeh registered the Noor Sepid Hedayat Institute as a Harm Reduction Center for Women, licensed by the Tehran Welfare Organization.

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