Women’s Empowerment

Women's Empowerment

Empowerment is a process that allows women to access resources and give them control over their lives, a sense of independence and greater self-confidence.

Empowering a woman means that she has the collective ability to do certain things. This leads to the elimination of discrimination between women and men and is effective in combating gender discrimination in society.

During the process of empowerment, women heads of households and socially harmed women learn how to defend their rights to independent choice and control over resources, which leads to the disappearance of their inferior position in society, and to get out of the cycle of social harms, through gaining skills and sustainable employment.


1- Welfare

Attention is paid to the basic welfare facilities and shortcomings that exist in this field.

2- Accessibility

It means access to resources and facilities to improve living conditions; Such as access to credit.

3- Informing

In this step women become sensitive to problems and their reasons.

4- Participation

In this step the ground for active presence for women is provided and they're ready to voluntary participation.

5- Control

Women gain decision-making power and thinking about the issue, suggest the best solution and master the implementation of the solution.

Vocational training and job creation workshops

In order to increase the motivation to adhere to the treatment and livelihood of homeless women recovering from addiction, the institute has launched high-yield skills and entrepreneurship workshops to achieve individual and social independence by creating employment opportunities and enabling help-seekers.

4 Oct

Hemp Weaving

Title: Hemp WeavingMinimum capital: 5,000,000 TomansRisk: LowProfitability: Medium-term (1 year)Manpower: 1 to 3 peopleScale: Annual production of more than 10 thousand types of forensic industries

4 Oct


Title: TailoringMinimum capital: 20,000,000 TomansRisk: MediumProfitability: Medium-term (1 year)Manpower: 5 to 10 peopleScale: Annual production of more than 20,000 types of clothing

4 Oct

Dry Vegetable Packaging

Title: Packaging of dried vegetablesMinimum capital: 32,000,000 TomansRisk: MediumProfitability: Medium-term (1 year)Manpower: 1 to 3 peopleScale: 7.5 kg per day

4 Oct

Leather Embroidery

Title: Leather embroideryMinimum capital: 160,000,000 TomansRisk: MediumProfitability: Medium-term (1 year)Manpower: 3 to 10 peopleScale: Annual production of more than 20,000 types of leather products

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